played by bella hadid, random customs and scenes welcome, code thanks to ~franciska
full name kalliopi vlastos nicknames kalli, kal, opi dob + age march 15, 1994 + 21 occupation make-up artist @ bare minerals & lash queen (home business) school studies make-up design at huntington academy residence huntington beach, ca status free bird
biography + facts

→ kalliopi comes from a very large greek family. her father, aaron vlastos passed away from heart disease in 2014, leaving behind her mother, rhea vlastos, and six children. kalliopi is the last born out of three brothers and two sisters. she grew up in huntington beach, california. growing up, her father invested his money well in business real estate, while her mother engaged in holistic medicine and yoga. kalliopi followed in her mother's footsteps with learning to love all things natural. she got into yoga at a young age and now lives by it's mantras. one thing that set her a part, however, was her love for make-up. even when she was a child, she would experiment with colors and pallets constantly.

→ the passing of her father was a huge blow to their family, emotionally. fortunately, he left them with financial security, but all six children and their mother are still trying to find peace and sense within a very tragic and unexpected event. they do suspect that he knew it was going to happen, whether he talked to his doctor about it or something else, because of the loose ends he had seemed to tie up before he passed.

→ since she is the baby of the family, kalliopi usually gets away with anything. this also made her march to the beat of her own drum and become a free spirit. she was always a bit of a "wild child" and stubborn as can be. she never listened to what anyone told her she should do for her life. it never came as a surprise to her family and friends whenever she did something out-of-the-ordinary. when she decided to go to make-up school, instead of university, there was opposition but no one stopped her. when she decided to marry her boyfriend at 18, no one was surprised, but they were certainly upset.

→ kalli is a bit impulsive and when she met her now ex-husband, she fell for him right away. it was a very quick romance, he charmed her and treated her well, at first. but as things began to move forward, it was revealed that they weren't compatible at all. the fighting became non-stop and their living situations were vastly different. he came from a less wealthy family, while kalliopi was used to being taken care of. their points of view weren't the same and kalliopi fell out of love just as quickly as she fell in.

→ upon her divorce, kalliopi has been left jaded and also embarrassed. although no one in her family rubbed it in her face that she made a mistake, she still felt like she was being judged. she's extremely hesitiant to make the same mistake twice, so she strays from being locked down into something conventional. she is also afraid of the sheer idea that she will get immensely hurt again, so she is guarded completely when it comes to romance.

→ kalli has been a ballet dancer since she was 4 years old. although she never persued it professionally, she volunteers to teach kids ballet at the dance studio she learned from. she can appreciate all types of dance, but truly loves the art form of ballet.

→ growing up by the beach has turned kalli into a beach bum extrodinaire. you can find her lounging on the sand or swimming in the ocean. she currently is learning to surf, although she's not that great at it. she is a bit of a girly-girl and finds interest in make-up and fashion, however, she can appreciate nature, as her mother taught her to. she enjoys hiking and her morning runs outside. kalli is also in love with horses and has ben riding them since she was 9.

→ although she is the baby of the family, she stands at 5'9, which is the tallest of the female vlastos girls. she gets her height from her papou (grandfather), on her mom's side.

→ has a true love for small rodents and owns a female chinchilla named pollyana.

→ something that always surprises people about her is that she loves rap music. her music taste is eclectic, but she's always had a soft spot for top40 rap.

→ her favorites are: movie - forrest gump, kill bill vol. 1 & 2, grease. tv - bob's burgers, game of thrones, terrible housewives reality shows, how to get away with murder. food - any and all fruit, french fries, dark chocolate. places - san fransisco and hawaii.

→ her dislikes are: long lines, being cold, liars, mushrooms, pork, having too many coins in her wallet, having to wear too many layers, math and numbers, people who complain about working out, people who kill bugs

→ kalli is a pretty good cook, learning from her mom and yia yia (grandmother) since she was young.


isis - cousin, sasster, blood thicker than water

adi - friend since childhood even through strange teenage times

stasia - grew up taking dance lessons together, now teach at the same studio

fitz - ice's boyfriend, like a brother to her

zack - cousin, brotherly figure

salinger - long time yoga partner, reason she's a mom to her chinchilla

mic - neighbor, pizza and video game enthusiast

jon - rap and chinchilla buddy