3 hours ago
Happy Christmas! My mate Santa and I are ready to party. Someone pass the tequila. Were you on the naughy or nice list, this year? I'd say I was a little bit of both. Can't have one without the other (although naughty is the cooler list). Hope everyone stays warm and enjoys time with their loved ones. Eat and drink lots! Ho, ho, ho. xx

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LADY LUSH. Merry Christmas! You're on the nice list, if you ask me! I was a little bit of both, too. You're the best!

Omg @yvonneb8 we need to drink tequila with her! That would be so much fun! naughty list for sure!

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy x-mas! Loved u in theory of everything! will you please like something on my page? thanks!

dang that santa is creepy. did he cop a feel?

where's your brother????? he's hot. hotter than you. happy christmas anyways, tell robert i said hi! lol

are you in london? i am, too! visiting my family. we're eating lots! i've been on the nice list this year. used to be on the naughty but now i have kids haha. it's cold, you keep warm, too, pretty girl.